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Kenny Stevens & Ricky Mataka
Kenny Stevens
Ricky Mataka

On behalf of myself and my business partner, Ricky Mataka, thank you so much for taking a moment to check out this message.

I know your time is limited and extremely precious, so, I'll make sure not a moment of it is wasted...
My name is Kenny Stevens,
Let me ask you a question?
I was actually bounded by law to keep secrecy
while building Represent to $100,000,000 company.
Well the Contract is up...
And This will be here for Just a Few Days!
So What if we took years of all my NDA law bounded strategies… 
With multi million dollar celebrity  clients who include major movie stars, previous governors as well known actresses and Jam Packed all these white glove insider Facebook Marketing Secrets.

Into 1 Easy Step By Step, Anybody can do follow me training that will let you to spend JUST $5 dollars a day!
and produce Major results like this!
My Not So Normal Business History
I’m a full time online marketer that’s been successful at this online thing since 2012.

As humbly as I can, I’d like you to consider why you might want to listen to me, especially,
if you’ve never heard of me.

My insider knowledge is so precise that 1 small tweak took a Fan pages
Organic reach to 129K in just a ONE DAY!
Just recently one of my students was just  about to throw in the flag..
when 2 simple tweaks 
yielded him over 50K in less then a month!
The Unemployment Setback That Started It All
The main thing I think we all shared in common is that none of us started out successful.

We all started out, pretty much, clueless and confused about what we were doing.
None of us knew how to get started nor what it takes to make a real full time living online. 

The majority of us, myself included, had some major financial setbacks, technical hurdles and a lot of emotional frustrations before we saw any hope of success.
Speaking of setbacks, before I had any luck at marketing online I used to be a typical salesman selling marketing related services in the B2B space.

Like with most job situations, even though I had a well established, 16 year, track record, tenure and being that I was a seasoned veteran, none of that mattered.
It did NOT assure my job security
And, so, the way the stars aligned when the company was bought out, I was one of the many folks that was asked to leave the company when the new owners came in.

Finding myself without a job and very few work prospects, I resorted to unemployment.

During that time, a buddy of mine had tried getting me involved with internet marketing.

He talked about making money with social media, but I just couldn’t see it.

I was like “How do you make money from Facebook?” “All people do on there is share pictures of what they’re eating.”
I just didn’t think it was
a real, legitimate opportunity
I, honestly, thought most make money online products were just scams for suckers.

Up until then, I hadn’t met one single person that I knew of, personally, that was making any money on the internet.
I didn’t believe it was a real possibility
I mean, I saw the courses and products for sale, but they just reminded me of late night infomercials.
I wasn’t sold on the idea, that is, until…

My buddy showed me the Facebook page he built.
He had 50,000 fans. 
And then he showed me the amount of money he was making. 

I couldn't believe it.

For the record, his company is called “I Heart Dogs” and he’s since grown his audience to over 5 million fans and is recognized as one of the largest pet related brands in the marketplace.
I Was Broke and On Food Stamps!
When he showed me those results, instantly, at that moment, my skepticism vanished, curiosity and intrigue kicked in and I knew I had to find out what he was doing.

Now, remember, I was receiving unemployment checks at the time and I have four kids that were all relying on me to put food on the table.

Between all 5 of us, me, my wife and the kids, I had to make due with only $500 bucks a week, so to say money was tight was an understatement.

Fortunately, I have a very reasonable wife and she was willing to hear my hair brained plan about following my buddy’s footsteps and doing whatever he was doing with online marketing.
And over the next 30 days I was able to implement a game plan
Now, initially, I didn’t make any money, but within 3 months I learned how to send out $1 to get traffic and, at the same time, get that dollar back.

So, at the very least, I wasn’t losing money.

Pretty soon, I discovered how to actually start making a profit.

Each dollar I sent out was bringing back $2 then $3 and so forth.

And, once you learn how to turn $1 into $3, consistently, like clockwork,
you’ll never need another job or want for money, ever again.
Think About... $43K Spent With A 213K Return!
Why Share This With You?
So, why do you suppose, would I want to teach this to you?
What’s my underlying motivation?
While I’ve struggled to get to where I am, today,and, of course, there were a series of fortunate events...
I don't take my success for granted.

I’m very thankful for it.

And so...

A long time ago, I was taught that in order to help the world progress and to make it a better place, the lessons you learn in life should be passed down.
Pay it forward
That’s a philosophy I’ve held for most of my life, and there is no good reason I can think of why I shouldn’t help those that are struggling.

This is a very simple and enjoyable way for me to give back while doing exactly what I love.

That’s exactly why, if you want to learn the same foundational plan I’ve used for the past four years to succeed and grow my business, as I have for so many others, as well, I'd like to invite you to join me, here...
So The time has come.. to teach you how to create Massive Attraction.. unlike anything you seen before! 
Inside Brand Builders Academy I will Show you:
  •    The Hobbiest Midset. How To Extract and profit on virtually every niche
  •     The Social Media Map. How To Make Brand awareness, which is essential to your    survival on Facebook   
  •     Building A Social Media Cult. Yes only $5 dollars a day will get you the reach if        you follow me to the "T"
Then we will step through the secrets of conversing tactics...
  •    How To Engage and Prospect your Social Media Followers
  •   The Easiest and Fastest way to Creating Content for YOUR Social Media Brand 
  •   The right way to recommend Products so you get paid.. What other platform            exists on earth where ill show you how to make people to share your brand
Once you have this knowledge.. we’ll step into into phase 3 - Making Money 
This is where I will teach you the inside secrets to:
  •    Brand Advertising on Facebook, how to make it work almost effortlessly
  •    Remarketing tactics that add to your bottom line 
  •    Advanced Scaling, like you never seen before!
For only $5 bucks a day, you can see results like this:
Who's This NOT For?
Before I tell you about the extra goodies, let me first tell you what this is not, so that you can see if it's ideal for you.
This is foundational training.
You’re going to learn how to build a successful brand based business that requires very minimal setup and a low cost traffic strategy that does not require more than $5 bucks a day to get started.

That’s probably less money than you’re currently spending on your commute to and from work, alone.

When you figure in your expense for just morning coffee, and a bagel, as an alternative, the life changing lessons you’ll learn inside this course are simply undeniable.
  •    This is not “just slap up a t-shirt and see if it sells.”
  •    This isn’t “just try and sell your ebook”
  •    This is NOT high level, theoretical stuff that sounds good when you hear about it, but when you actually      try and do something with it, you can’t.
This is the very same training I’ve used
to reach the 7 figure mark from scratch
with nothing but unemployment money
and food stamps.
  •    It’s the same training I’ve used to grow multimillion dollar companies (including for myself).
  •    It’s the very same thing I’ve taught other personal coaching students (many of whom went from nothing    to 6 and 7 figure earners).
  •    It's exactly what I would teach any close family or friend how to start a business (especially if they were      struggling, like I was).
  •    This is THE BEST way I know of to get out of the rat race (and fire your boss).
If you’re looking for a quick push button thing
that doesn’t require any work or effort on your part
I’m sorry, this isn’t it.

If you’re not willing to spend at least
$5 bucks a day on traffic, don’t get this course.
But, if you’re looking for the critical foundational training you need because you want to succeed then, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but….you need this course.
Plus! Limited Time Only
Get Ricky’s Traffic Domination 
Work Shops ($997 Value)
This Is My Unreleased Up To Date Social Media DOMINATION Plans
The Choice Is Now Yours!
What's the value of saving 4 years of your life
having to learn all of this on your own?
What's inside?
  •    The exact step by step, structured blueprint you'll need to succeed (simply follow the easy step by step          instructions)
  •    18 in-depth instructional training videos (3+ hours of content that gives you specific how to advice that      teaches you how to setup a profitable business starting from scratch)
  •    The same simple $5 business building game plan I use to build any business from scratch (I only teach            you what works so you don't dinker around with what doesn't)
  •    Demonstrations & Case Studies (Not theory or hype) 
Use these strategies to build your own profitable brand empire,
like I did, starting from wherever you are and growing it
to as large as you could possibly imagine.
I started with nothing, from a completely disadvantaged situation, with hardly any money to start, 4 kids to feed and a wife that might have left me had I not figured it out…

And I grew my earning until eventually hitting the 7 figure mark in a very short amount of time.
if you act today
you can get everything for just $97 Bucks!
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You have to hurry because as soon as that timer hits zero, the buy button goes away and we’re closing this offer down.

If and when we release it again, it’ll only be AFTER we’ve gotten more case studies, more positive testimonials and more added content.

Since we’re adding more, you should expect to pay more.

A lot more.

If we decide we’ll even offer this again, If you don’t want to pay more, later, click the buy button, now.
Click The Buy Now Button While We Are Giving
You a 50% off discount just to get in!!
Kenny Stevens  & Ricky Mataka

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